Rudolf & Andreas Sarközi
16:00 Presentation of Work in Progress 2 September 1999
Kulturverein österreichischer Roma
self description
The "Kulturverein österreichischer Roma", a centre for documentation and information on Austrian Roma, has been founded 1991 in Vienna (Wien 19, Devrientgasse 1). Since 1996, there is a permanent exhibition on history of the Roma. The centre organises talks and events, and provides counselling and support in dealing with official institutions. It cooperates with national and international Roma-Organisations, works with the EU in Brussels and the OSZE-Odhir in Warsaw, and publishes the journal "Romano Kipo". Setting up and maintaining memorial sites in Austria are a main focus of the work of the Roma Kulturverein.
Rudolf Sarközi is the chairman of the Kulturverein. He was born on 11. November 1944 in a concentration camp in Lackenbach (Burgenland). After the liberation of the camp, he returned with his mother to her home in Burgenland. At the age of 14, he started working, 1964 he married his wife Helga and moved with her to Vienna, her hometown. After a career in an electronic company and at the council of Vienna, he founded the Kulturverein österreichischer Romaand achieved the legal recognition for the Roma minority. He retired in 1997 and is now concentrating on his work in the Kulturverein.
Andreas Sarközi, his son, is the secretary of the Kulturverein österreichischer Roma. Born 1964 in Oberwart, he is married with two children. He trained as a chef at the Hotel Sacher and after his military service worked in the Austrian catering and tourism business, while continuing his professional training. Since 1989, he was a chef in renowned Viennese hotels, until he started to work at the Kulturverein österreichischer Roma in 1997.
A. Sarközi R. Sarközi, Foto: C. Graf