Second Generation Trust London
self description
Second Generation Trust is the only British- registered charity dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of the after-effects of the Holocaust and inherited conflict on direct descendants. We aim to facilitate original and creative projects through seminars, conferences and publications. We prefer to work collaboratively with other organisations, building on the work already achieved by individuals and organisations in the U.K. and abroad. Part of the focus of our work is to highlight the silence and denial experienced by many descendants concerning the after- effects of the Holocaust and other genocides, both in terms of family history and collectively in an ethnic group and/or nation. The Trust develops work both nationally and internationally with second generation Jewish descendants, with Roma and Sinti descendants and with descendants from the perpetrator/collaborator/bystander perspective. In particular, we work in the countries where atrocities took place, seeking to reflect and question how post-Holocaust European society has been affected and influenced bv the past in the present. In our public work we offer innovative, and at times challenging ways of working. In our experience, the impact of the Holocaust on the children and grandchildren of the victims and survivors, and the descendants of the victimisers, has only relatively recently begun to be discussed, particularly in the U.K. and continental Europe. We hope that as understanding of intergenerational transmission develops, some of the insights we have gained, may be of relevance to others, affected by a different past or other violent conflicts.